We are fully committed to delivering the simplest, most engaging and creative way to teach kids how to code. In this mission we need your help! Feel free to send us your honest feedback.
Our passionate team
Kostas Karolemeas
An entrepreneur in spirit in his 3rd startup, serving as CEO/CTO. A software engineering veteran and a computer graphics expert. He is passionate about product quality, playful learning and space exploration.
Ersi Spathopoulou
An illustrator/décor artist with rich experience in children related projects (books, cartoon series, educational material etc.), as well as in workshops’ instruction. Specialized in backgrounds and passionate about colors, gaming and cats.
Dimitris Karatzaferis
An Animator with long experience in 2d productions such as cartoon tv series, video-clips, advertisements, character design, storyboards and more. Also, a dedicated bird watcher!
Spiros Alvertis
An UI-UΧ Designer who served 18 years in branding and advertising before falling in love with new media & marketing.
Vangelis Bagiartakis
A board Game Designer who published 6 board games with major publishers. He entered the digital world some years ago. A rational thinker that turns anything into rules.
Kostas Haralas
A Story Writer of 15 published children books - one awarded, many nominated - who enjoys presenting his books in schools in a theatrical way. His interactive presentations of Run Marco! in events with kids are unique.
Thanos Papadellis
A Composer & Sound Engineer for 80+ TV commercials and 15+ short films. He has published a personal album and contributed arrangements and orchestration to many other albums.
Our advisors
Michail Bletsas
He is a research scientist and the Director of Computing at the MIT Media Lab. He is one of the designers of OLPC's XO laptop.
Alex Eleftheriadis
He is co-founder and chief scientist of Vidyo. He was associate professor of Columbia University and University of Athens.
Vassilis Economou
Head of Doukas School “1:1 Computing Team” and Microsoft Expert Educator. He has worked as instructional designer and developer in 50+ educational software products.