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A devoted tech team

Your product will be in the good hands of a talented team devoted to your success. You will forget all about scarce or overwhelmed developer resources.

1. Shortest time to market

Thanks to our tools and methodology, our process is four times faster without compromising quality.

2. Stay on budget

Avoid investing too much in untested ideas! We help you shape the MVP and evolve it gradually and on budget.

3. The code is yours

You can access the source code of your product from day one. You are free to go anytime!

A success story

Read more about our customers and the successful products we helped them get to the market.

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Arena of life

Mobile-first personal development platform

Arena of Life facilitates personal and collective growth. With the support of Allcancode, they built a mobile app that promotes focused engagement and personal development. The platform includes a web application for professional coaches, which integrates with the mobile app to provide a holistic view of an individual's transformation journey.

  • Responsive web application
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Front-end & backend
  • Complext UI
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"Allcancode's expertise was crucial in swiftly launching our app. Their guidance navigated our project's evolution, leading to significant achievements. We're immensely grateful.".
— Dana Burkholder - co-founder, Arena of life

Our lean process in 4 steps

Trust and follow our simple sequence of steps or phases, and your idea will turn into a product much earlier than you might expect.

Discovery & Design Phase
Step 1

Understanding and shaping your idea

In this step, we will listen carefully to understand your vision and requirements for the MVP. We will work with you to design user flows and experiences, build interactive mockups, and choose the right technologies. If you have your designs, we will take it from there. Finally, we will provide a development plan, making sure we stay within budget.

Development Phase
Step 2

Building the product without limitations

We start development in weekly cycles, fully transparently through our issue tracking system (Linear), and with access to your product as we build it from week 1. There will be no technical limitations and the source code will be based on future-proof technologies such as React, React Native, and Next.js. Any integrations with existing systems, data sources, and APIs are possible, whether legacy or new.

Delivery Phase
Step 3

Launching your product

Now, it's time for your customers to get their hands on your product! We will make sure it's available on your favorite hosting platform and, for mobile apps, on app stores, too. For web apps and backends, we support  Vercel,  Netlify,  Render,, and, as well as  AWS,  Azure, and Google Cloud.

Evolution Phase
Step 4

Scaling and adapting

After launch, you have the freedom to choose:

  1. We can continue developing your product.
  2. We can train one or more junior developers in your team to continue the project on our platform.
  3. You can use the source code to continue independently.

In any case, your product will grow and thrive!

Ready to take the first step to success?

Share some information about your product idea, and we will estimate the time and cost to get it to the market.

Our secret sauce is our product development platform.

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Get development super powers

. Learn in weeks

Entry-level developers can become productive on our platform in days and master it in a month.

. Use the latest technologies

Our platform automatically generates high quality code for React, React Native, and Next.js but you do not need to learn them.

. Fully open, no lock-ins

We will not lock you in proprietary technologies or code. You will have access to the complete source code of your application, which will be independent of Allcancode.

. Changes are more than welcome

Getting a product right takes a lot of iterations, and having a tool that makes changes easy and fast is essential.

Use our platform for free!

Our customers can use our platform for free without limitations. Kick-start, build, deploy, and own your project's source code without hidden costs or terms!

  • 100% free use
  • Full source code ownership

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