Code Smarter.
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Whether you want to build an MVP or a full-blown product, this is the only open platform that fully supports hybrid development (no-code, low-code, and pro-code).


Introducing the Allcancode platform.

Learn in weeks
Entry-level developers can become productive on our platform in days and master it in a month.
Latest technologies
Our platform automatically generates high quality code for React, React Native, and Next.js but you do not need to learn them.
Open, no lock-ins
We will not lock you in proprietary technologies or code. You will have access to the complete source code of your application, which will be independent of Allcancode.
Changes are welcome
Getting a product right takes a lot of iterations, and having a tool that makes changes easy and fast is essential.
Too good to be true?

One platform. Unlimited possibilities

Our platform accelerates product development without limitations by creating a hybrid environment where no-code, low-code, and traditional coding models can coexist.

Features 01
No-code for UI

Build a custom UI without constraints

Import the most complex custom UI from Figma or create it from scratch within the platform without writing code. Use existing components (with open-source or commercial licenses) or build your own.

  • No coding skills are required
  • Built-in visual editor for UI layouts
  • Incorporate any 3rd-party component
Features 02
Low-code for logic

Write the logic visually or using text

We have extended Google Blockly to simplify front-end and back-end development and concepts like data-binding and APIs. But you can still write parts of the logic in Javascript.

  • Easy to learn block-based language simplifies logic
  • Write both front-end and backend logic effortlessly
  • Use Javascript if needed in any component
Features 03
Generate standard code

No lock-ins, just pure React code

The platform generates code for React, React Native, and Next.js, and pushes it to a git repository so that you have full access to the source code of your product from day one.

Features 02
Productivity above all

A full toolset at your fingertips

Time to market is critical; therefore, our platform offers a wide range of tools to maximize team productivity by automating tasks and analyzing data.

  • Step-by-step logic flows with full data context.
  • AI Assistant and templates to skip boring tasks.
  • Logic analyzer and bug detector.

Use our platform for free!

Our customers can use our platform for free without limitations. Kick-start, build, deploy, and own your project's source code without hidden costs or terms!

  • 100% free use
  • Full source code ownership

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