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Idea Heroes
You have the resources (design and development) to build your product. All you need is the right tool and expert support for the technical challenges.
  • 6h of training on the platform
  • 2h of expert consulting and support
Time to MVP:
  • 4-8 weeks
Bootstrap Rocketeers
You have designed the UI in Figma, figured-out the structure of data and any 3rd-party integrations. All you want is a developer to code them.
  • An expert dedicated to your project
  • 2h of expert consulting and support
Time to MVP:
  • 2-4 weeks
Most Popular
Ambitious Innovators
All you have is an idea and a list of requirements for your product. You need a dedicated team of experts to guide you from product design to delivery.
  • Project manager
  • UX/UI designer
  • Development team
  • 4h of expert consulting and support
Time to MVP:
  • 4-6 weeks

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As we value commitment, if your startup has enrolled or has graduated from an approved acceleration program, let us know, and we will gladly offer you up to 15% discount!

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Our customers can use our platform for free without limitations. Kick-start, build, deploy, and own your project's source code without hidden costs or terms!

  • 100% free use
  • Full source code ownership

Frequently asked questions

  • How does billing work?

    Weeks are paid in advance to ensure the allocation of required resources. If you prefer to get billed monthly at a discount, you pay for all four weeks of that month in advance. You can stop anytime you want. For "Idea Heroes" and "Bootstrap Rocketeers," you can buy more resources per week.

  • What differentiates you from a software agency?

    Thanks to our platform and process, we are four times faster in product development. Additionally, you will realize from our first meetings that we genuinely care about your product and helping you succeed. We will guide you to stay within budget and not treat your product as another project.

  • What is an expert?

    By the term expert, we do not refer to one person. Each product has different needs and imposes different technical challenges; therefore, we allocate hours for a mix of junior (~60%), mid-level (~30%), and senior developers (~10%). That way, we ensure that you get the maximum technical support possible.

  • Can I purchase a fraction of a week?

    Yes, we are flexible to allocate only the absolutely required resources for your product. We respect your needs and budget and always try to support your journey to success as much as possible. Your also free to change the scope of your product anytime.

  • What is the typical time for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

    That depends on the complexity of your product and the pricing plan you choose. For "Idea Heroes," your commitment is to learn our platform. For "Bootstrap Rocketeers," we will help you minimize the scope of your MVP to stay on budget, and our experts will ensure super-fast development. For "Ambitious Innovators," we will put our best resources to deliver in record time.

  • What does "dedicated team" mean?

    For "Ambitious Innovators," we allocated a team of a project manager, a UX/UI designer, and as many developers as needed. Depending on the needs of your project, senior architects and software engineers may be involved, too. They will work as if it were an in-house team caring about your product as much as you do!

  • How is the product distributed to users?

    We will ensure it's available on your favorite hosting platform and, for mobile apps, on app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). For web apps and backends, we support  Vercel,  Netlify,  Render,, and, as well as  AWS,  Azure, and Google Cloud,

  • What kind of integrations are supported?

    Any integrations with existing systems, data sources, and APIs are possible whether they are legacy or new ones.

  • Is the source code available?

    From day one, you will have access to the complete source code of your product. It will be based on the latest technologies like React, React Native, and Next.js. The code will be available in a git repository (Github) with the history of all changes made during development. Therefore, you are free to continue without us anytime you wish.

  • What happens after the product launch?

    For the "Ambitious Innovators" plan, you always have the option to continue working with us (downgrade to the "Bootstrap Rocketeers" plan). Let us train you on our platform to take product evolution in-house (downgrade to the "Idea Heros" plan), or take the source code - that you have access to from day one - to continue without us.

  • What differentiates your platform from other tools?

    No-code and low-code tools are abundant, promising you can build your product without expert help. Then, once you realize that you can't, they will sell you services directly or indirectly through their partners after they have locked you in their proprietary technology. We are honest with you because our founders understand the pains of other founders; therefore, we offer you our support from day one on an open platform that imposes no technical limitations and provides access to the complete source code of your product.

  • Why is your platform free to use?

    Building a new product is challenging, so you need as much expert support as possible. Our platform is a great tool that makes a lot of difference, but our experts will help you get your product idea to market. We decided to offer our tools for free so that you can spend your budget on what you need: expert time.

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