What Allcancode is about

Our mission, our journey, our values, our team.

Our mission

To help entrepreneurs get more product ideas to market by providing effective and efficient tools and services.

Our journey

Just like you, we started our journey to success with a first step.

Founding Allcancode

Starting with "Run Marco!"

While attending the FI acceleretion program, we found Allcancode and build "Run Marco!", a coding game for kids which quickly became very popular and it is still available and free online, counting millions of players!

Silicon Valley Journey

Joining Y-Combinator in Silicon Valley

We graduate from Imagine K12 accelerator in Silicon Valley which merged at that time with Y-Combinator. We built an entire platform around the game with classroom tools and a game maker for educators to build their variations of the game.


Switching to an application development platform

We transform the game maker to an application maker and the platform became a development tool for web and mobile applications. What would be later called a "no-code" or "low-code" tool. We are awarded an Envolve Entrepreneurship Award


Raising a seed round

We raise our seed round to evolve our platform and grow our services. The round was led by Uni.fund with follow-ups by existing angel investors.

Scaling and Adapting

Bulding non-stop

We keep meticulously refining our platform while working on diverse software projects. In collaboration with industry giants and emerging startups, we have delivered over 70 transformative web-based and mobile products. We respond quickly to industry trends and continously optimize our process, to ensure speed and quality.

Our values

At Allcancode we put mutual trust above all. Our core values stem from and lead to cultivating long-term trust. Success is just an inevitable consequence.

Quality first

Delivering the best possible customer experience is our top priority. We follow the lean methodology to ensure alignment with customer needs.

Customer success

We provide exemplary support to ensure that our customers take full advantage of our platform and services to build exceptional applications.


We take nothing for granted and question everything. We make sure we follow the latest technology advancements while keeping everything as simple as it gets.


We are always honest about what we can and what we cannot do. We take full responsibility for our mistakes.

Our team

Our dedicated team shares a commitment to delivering exceptional products for our customers and helping them succeed while constantly pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in technology and business.

Kostas Karolemeas

Kostas Karolemeas

CEO & Co-founder
Spiros Alvertis

Spiros Alvertis

Head of Design & Co-founder
Spyros Mpampalis

Spyros Mpampalis

Software Engineer
Niki Kopsia

Niki Kopsia

Software Engineer
Christos Michail Faltsetas

Christos Michail Faltsetas

Software Engineer

Our partners

To keep our promise of delivering new products in weeks, and still serve a large number of customers, we have a network of partners. They are always up-to-date with latest technologies and very well trained on our platform and processes.

Backed by

We are grateful to the institutions and angels that funded and supported us.

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