Allcancode for accelerators

Allcancode is your technology partner in helping teams of your community get their products to the market in weeks! Our offer applies to both teams currently in your program but also to all your alumni.

  • We understand founders
  • We respect budgets
  • We do products, not projects
  • Functionality can change
  • Priorities can change
  • We are ridiculously fast!

Our offer

All members of your community (currently in the program or alumni) are eligible for the following benefits:

15% off

Teams get 15% off our pricing for all the services we provide. Startups are on a tight budget, and we respect that.

CTO advice

An expert will help founders choose the right technologies and guide them through all technical decisions.

Free workshops

Teams will get exclusive access to workshops on MVPs, product development, and technology trends.

Educational program

We can join your educational program as mentors and guest speakers on product development and technology.

Competition prizes

If you organize competitions, we can offer higher discounts and free services to winners.

Our parthership in 5 steps

Let's keep it simple and let the members of your community take advantage of our offer as soon as possible.

Step 1

Sharing our offer to your community

We will create a dedicated page similar to this, which you can share with your community through the channels of your choice.

Step 2

Add our logo to your supporters page

We would appreciate it if you added our logo to the page of your website that lists your supporters. Please choose the right one from this zip file.

Step 3

Contact person

Please provide contact information for the person who will help us verify whether a startup is in your program or an alumni.

Step 4

Share partnership on social media

We would appreciate it if you shared an announcement about our partnership on social media.

Step 5

Invite us to events

We would gladly join events like workshops, webinars, and mentoring sessions and discuss product development and technology. It is up to you to invite us to any of them.