Why your dad thinks you are jobless, as you run a startup

We are delving into the misunderstood realm of startups and the challenges founders face when explaining what they do.

Why your dad thinks you are jobless, as you run a startup

While startups are transforming industries in the digital era, many people outside this thriving ecosystem still need to learn what they are. 90% of startups fail, according to a Harvard Business Review study, but what distinguishes them from more established companies? And why do founders frequently believe their loved ones don't understand them?

What Identifies a Startup as Special?

A startup is more than just a young company. It's a growth-focused business that frequently seeks to close market gaps through innovation.

Key Characteristics of Startups:

  • Innovation: A Forbes report highlighted that 77% of startups offer innovative solutions or unique market approaches.
  • Scalability: They have the potential to overgrow with a limited increase in costs.
  • Risk: Significant potential also entails significant unpredictability.

The Problem with Communication

Despite their importance, why do startups still baffle many people?

  • Cultural Values: According to a Pew Research survey, 64% of individuals in some cultures prefer employment security to business risk.
  • Limited Exposure: Only some have access to the exciting startup scene.
  • Inherent Complexity: Because startups frequently work in specialized fields, it can be challenging for the typical individual to understand how they operate.

The Founder's Struggle

This misunderstanding can lead to:

  • Feeling alone and as though their problems are unusual and poorly understood.
  • Pressure: According to a Gallup Poll, 45% of entrepreneurs experience stress due to family members' criticism.
  • The Jargon Barrier: Due to their inventive nature, startups frequently utilize words foreign to many people.

Building Bridges of Understanding

To foster understanding:

  • Simplify: Use relatable language.
  • Draw Parallels: Compare your startup's operations to well-known brands or concepts.
  • Educate: Share resources about the startup ecosystem.


With their unique challenges and innovative spirit, startups are reshaping the future. While a founder's journey can often feel solitary, understanding and communication can bridge the gap.

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