Introducing self-managed edition

The Allcancode platform can be now installed "on-premises".

Introducing self-managed edition

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model took the burden of licensing, installing, and updating software on-premises from IT departments and teams. It also eliminated the need to provide and maintain resources (servers, networking, etc.). The latter became much easier with cloud providers and the migration of data centers to public clouds.

However, there are still cases with special requirements related to data privacy or just custom needs where our public cloud solution does not fit. Those organizations still keep their infrastructure on-premises in private clouds or dedicated clouds in public providers.

Today we are announcing the self-managed edition of the Allcancode Platform that you can install on any dedicated or private cloud to provide the maximum flexibility of allowing the organization to have complete control over its resources. Microsoft Azure is natively supported as this is where our SaaS edition runs, but our platform is also available for AWS, Google Cloud, and private clouds. Building custom web and mobile applications based on sensitive data is now safely possible.

Pushing the envelope once more, we are announcing the option to license the Allcancode platform as a custom white label solution that includes seamless integrations with existing products and systems of an organization.

Feel free to contact us at to tell us more about your needs and requirements, and we will prepare a custom solution that fully meets them.

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