New version 5.2

Hybrid development, 3rd-part components, collaboration.

New version 5.2

Keeping the fast pace of one major release per month, today we are announcing the next major update of the Allcancode platform: version 5.2.

No-code, low-code, and pro-code

The future of no-code/low-code will be hybrid and teams complex applications will need all approaches including professional code. Version 5.2 makes our platform the first one to fully support this model enabling product teams to mix no-code with low-code and pro-code in the same project. You can read more here.

Integrating 3rd-party components

A custom UI needs access to custom components available by the community, vendors or built in-house. It should not be limited to the libraries provided by us. Building on the foundation of version 5.0, we extended the configuration options and added support for writing native code to implement components. You can read more here.

New collaboration features

Software development requires a team, therefore our platform allows multiple users working on the same project simultaneously since its early versions 4 years ago. In version 5.2, you can see in real-time who is modifying which component in the project you are working on.

More publishing options for the web

We revised our publishing module for web applications and added support for more providers. So now you can publish to:

  • Azure
  • Firebase hosting
  • Netlify
  • Vercel

Overall use experience improvements

We always listen to users and do our best to improve the user experience from just fixing bugs to reducing clicks to making things faster to simplifying the process.

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