New version 5.3

Next.js support and backend development.

New version 5.3

This is a pivotal moment for the platform as we introduce support for Next.js 12 by Vercel.

Backend logic

After evaluating several options for backend logic development, both commerical (through integrations and partnerships) and open-source (Noder-RED), we decided to provide our own solution within the platform and based on Next.js. These are the main points behind our decesion:

  • seamless integration with our platform so that users do not need to worry about anything.
  • future-proof solution with strong industry and community support.
  • full support for React which is our technology of choice for the front-end.

Initially backend logic under Next.js is supported only in javascript through our pro-code tools and we plan to enable Blockly later this year with next version (5.4) of the platform.

Overall use experience improvements

We always listen to users and do our best to improve the user experience from just fixing bugs to reducing clicks to making things faster to simplifying the process.

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