New version 5.5

Debugger, issue detector, PWAs.

New version 5.5

Starting from this version the focus will be on productivity and adding new tools (or improving existing) to help users build applications faster.

Issue detector

One of the most frustrating things in software development is making common mistakes such as variable or function name typos or declaring things and then forgetting to define them. Those mistakes appear eventually as bugs or generate difficult to understand error messages.

Before each build, the new issue detector scans UI layouts and logic in the entire project to report those errors with easy to understand messages and a button to take you directly to the point in the project that has the issue.

Debugger v1

In complex applications it is difficult to follow the flow of logic, the updates of the UI due to changes in data and how the data change in the first place. In this version we introduce the first iteration of a debugging tool that allows us to follow the flow of our application after a run of in the process of it. We can also look at previous runs.

It is a kind of a time-travel debugger as you can go back and forth in the execution of your logic.


Progressive web apps or PWAs are web applications that behave as mobile apps when installed in a mobile device through their website. They are much faster and easier to develop compated to real mobile apps and they don't required to get published on mobile app stores with all the special review processes and pricing policies.

Starting from this version the platform supports PWAs for React projects.

Framework updates

Upgraded to:

  • React 18.2
  • Next.js 13
  • Expo 47
  • React Native 0.70

Overall use experience improvements

We always listen to users and do our best to improve the user experience from just fixing bugs to reducing clicks to making things faster to simplifying the process.

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