New version 5.6

Debugger, AI Assistant, new session store

New version 5.6

We are living in the AI frenzy and most companies are urged to announce how they have incorporated AI into their projects. We think differently. The fast pace with which AI tecnologies are evolving makes them more accessible and easier to implement.

AI Assistant

We are training a small language model that can understand user requests to execute tasks in the platform. It's UI is a chat box in which the user can ask from the assistant different kinds of things such as creating components, finding them, changing their properties. The next training phase will enable the assistant execute more complex requests.

Debugger v2

The debugger now can show the values of variables and the session store at every single logic block (Blockly). Additionally, we have added filters to find a specific function call or a change in a variable or a session store key.

New session store

We decided to drop redux as the foundation of the session store. We replaced it with a much simpler and way faster implementation.

Backend authentication with NextAuth

Considering how important it is to add authentication to a backend and secure its endpoints, the platform now natively support NextAuth for endpoints written in Blockly. The integration includes passwordless email, Google, Github, and

Framework updates

Upgraded to:

  • Expo 48
  • React Native 0.71

Overall use experience improvements

We always listen to users and do our best to improve the user experience from just fixing bugs to reducing clicks to making things faster to simplifying the process.

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