The new exciting way for kids to learn how to code.
In this epic journey around the world kids will not even notice that they get introduced to computer science!

Obstacles! Enemies! Tension! No wonder why Marco runs!

In this unforgettable journey, Marco meets with friends, discovers the world and finds out about his famous ancestor.

Based on an original story with well-structured levels and stunning graphics offers players an endless gaming and learning experience.

Teach kids computational thinking or just entertain them?

Why choose? Run Marco! does both as kids learn through a playful process.

All levels are validated by our global network of educators to ensure that besides having fun the game delivers significant learning value on using technology creatively and solving real problems.

The storyline and the hand-painted graphics are part of our secret recipe to engage kids in playing and learning

Starting from basic instructions and gradually introducing more complex concepts, levels are designed with the help of educators to fit their needs on teaching technology in the classroom.

Available in 20 languages:
       Run Macro! is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

We are close to a major update including many improvements, more content, new features, new languages and cool surprises!

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